Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Rest of the Time...

Erin was here for over a week (which hardly ever happens!).  While we did some big things like Seattle and the coast, it was fun to just hang out, too.  

Erin was here during Easter.  It was fun to have her help in the kitchen.

Harper was also a good helper in the kitchen when it came time to make the cake.

We lunched downtown one day, visiting Pine Street Market, which is a food hall with a number of food vendors, many of which are offshoots/simpler versions of some of the big restaurants in Portland.  I chose to try out Marukin Ramen.  I have never EVER liked the Top Ramen noodles that are so often a staple of college dorm rooms.  But this was the real deal.  In fact, this place has a location in only two places: Tokyo and Portland.  I got the tonkotsu shoyu - a pork broth with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, spinach, pork pieces, and a soft boiled egg.  It was probably one of the best thing I've ever eaten.  I'm only writing about it now so I remember what it is, in case I ever have a chance to try it again.  It was that good.

Harper simply wanted pizza.  Her method of eating it makes me laugh.

Erin is really smart about succulents.  I think they are such fun looking plants, so I made her come with me to gardening stores to find the perfect plants and soil.

The finished product!

We had to take Erin to an escape room.  We talk about them so much that we had to let her try one out.  While this wasn't the best as far as production value, we had a great time and finished the Revolutionary War-themed room within the hour!

It's really a great time whenever Erin comes to visit!

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