Saturday, June 24, 2017

Random April

Adam sweats like no one else!

When Adam and I got our king bed a few years ago, we thought, "This will be so great!  Not only will there be enough room for the two of us, but we will also have enough room when the kids come to snuggle!"  Well, that was a big fat joke.  Harper has been waking up in the middle of the night recently and I end up pulling her into bed with me.  Inevitably, I always end up on the very edge of the bed with no room to roll over!

T-ball season started again.  There were a couple of familiar faces from last season, too!  (Unfortunately, due to Henry's surgery and inconsistent coaching, this team kind of fell apart and Henry didn't get to participate in much more than a couple of practices.)

Claire stayed home from school for a couple of days due to a tummy bug, and Harper took it upon herself to be her sister's comforter. 

Harper liked to help me with the yard work.  In this case, that meant digging up a bit of dirt and throwing it back over her shoulder.

My friend, Jennie, invited me on a downtown excursion with her sister.  We hit up Powell's, had lunch at the food carts, and had ice cream at Ruby Jewell.  I had a salted honey and almond flavor.  It tasted like an ice cream version of Bit-o-Honey candy.  Yum!

Watching this boy walk and trot around a mere week after back surgery is amazing to me.  

And while there is no picture to go along with it, the biggest news is that Adam accepted a new job, so we will be moving to Idaho Falls!  We are excited to move closer to family and for Adam to begin his new job at the end of May!

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