Saturday, June 17, 2017

Girls' Day Out

Erin came to visit us over her spring break, and as soon as she got off the plane, we whisked her away to Seattle for a girl's day out.  First stop: Pike Place Market

Everyone comes to see the famous fish throwing, but almost everyone leaves the market with a bouquet of flowers.

It kind of reminds me of Faneuil Hall.

The original Starbucks!

We had to find the gum wall.  Gross, but kind of fascinating too.

Next stop: Pacific Science Center.  There was a special exhibit of the Terra Cotta Warriors from China.  We had some time to kill before our timed entry of the exhibit, so we checked out a few other areas of the museum.

There were mini warriors hidden throughout the museum and Claire had fun looking for (and finding!) them.

Claire would have spent all afternoon in the butterfly garden if we would've let her.  She was a happy camper.

The Terra Cotta Warriors did not disappoint.  

While little kids probably wouldn't have appreciated the statues, the exhibit was surprisingly kid-friendly.

Third stop:  the Space Needle.

Final stop: the troll under the bridge.  This was something Erin had heard about, and she just had to see it.  It was on (of all places) Troll Street.  It was a quirky way to end our full day.

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