Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Random January

Time to take down the Christmas tree!  Captain America showed up to lend a hand!

An American Girl hung around too.

We've been in Oregon for 9 1/2 years, and the absurdity never ceases to amaze us.  "Extreme weather" appeared under the same banner as 29 degrees, along with the headline of keeping your home warm.  Where Adam and I grew up, 29 degrees meant spring was on its' way!

Claire got Minecraft for Christmas, and almost everyone in the house became obsessed.  Whether playing himself or watching Claire or Adam do it, Henry is never far away from the tv if Minecraft is involved.

Harper likes to be fabulous even when asleep.

Tulle and tennis awesome combination.

About a week and a half after his 5th birthday, Henry lost his first tooth.  Slow down already!

Adam and I laughed at the weather forecast for "extreme weather," but we actually got snow.  Like 8 inches of snow!  It was wonderful!  It also meant that we were out of school for the better part of a week.  

It was great to see all of the snow forts and snowmen that popped up in the neighborhood.  

I was doing homework late one night and heard some noise coming from upstairs.  Since it was coming up on 11:30, I headed up to lay down the law and make sure whoever it was got into bed.  Turns out it was Harper, and the main reason why she wasn't in bed sleeping already was because her bed was so full of stuff that there wasn't any room left for her!

Sunday sillies.  

Reason Henry is crying:  He reveled in throwing three packs of playing cards in the air, and when we asked him to pick them up, he ran away scream-crying that it'll take forever, he's too tired, and it's just too much.

We had to take Henry to a doctor appointment at the children's hospital downtown, so afterward, we decided to try Bruder Nord, a Scandinavian restaurant.  The food was great, but the decor was also cool.  We were in this wooden pod thing - very modern and cool.

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