Monday, January 30, 2017

Snow Day

Adam and I just laugh at the ridiculousness of the reaction to any amount of snow here.  I know we live in a hilly area, and freezing rain is no joke, but in the beginning of December, we had school canceled for maybe an inch or two of snow.  So, we tried to make the best of it.

At first, Harper was not happy at all.  She began telling the snow to go away.

She changed her tune, though.  

There wasn't enough snow to do much, but we went on a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the novelty of it all.

I lied.  Where I saw that there was not enough snow to do much, Adam saw enough to make a snowman with the kids.

Our house looks nice and cozy in the snow!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Christmas Prep

We ventured out to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, visiting the same tree farm we did last year.  It was super rainy, but that's just par for winter in the Pacific Northwest.

 Here's the tree!

Family selfie!

Random November

We took the side of the crib off until we get this little girl a big bed, and she obviously enjoyed herself playing after we left her.  Climbing back into bed seems to have proved too difficult, however, because she was fast asleep on one foot.

Okay, this is a little morbid, but it also made me laugh.  And cringe.  Claire is fully aware of the pregnancy I lost at 19 weeks.  But imagine my surprise when she comes home from school with a picture that she drew of our family.  Notice the little one floating above the rest of the family.  Yeah, it's labeled "dead."

We don't get the "I Voted" stickers here in Oregon, but I must say that voting from home is the best.

These cuties are the epitome of "frenemies."  I love the moments when they love each other.  

 Henry's preschool class went to the fire station for a field trip.

Too bad the firefighters got a call 10 minutes later...

I think Harper walks better in heels than I do!

Conversation overheard while these two played Dr. Mario:
Claire:  You're gross.
Adam:  No, you're gross.
Claire:  No.  You're grosser.

We took him to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  We got him his favorite bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for lunch.  We let him run around the play place in the mall.  And all we got in return was a lot of tears, a lot of stares, and a 65lb boy who refused to walk.  

Henry's preschool had a "sharing feast" for Thanksgiving.  Harper and I were able to attend.  Henry was so proud to show us around.

Speaking of Thanksgiving...It is a great time for an impromptu biology lesson on the appearance and working of a heart.  Henry cried at the thought of eating sweet potato casserole (as he does with half the things I cook), but he happily gobbled up the entire turkey heart after dissection (pun intended).  Afterward, he ran up to me, declared, "Mom, you make the best turkey hearts!" and then gave me a big hug and a kiss.  And then he refused to eat any turkey during dinner.

Someone got hold of the markers...

She just couldn't wait until after lunch to take a nap.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Halifax and Plymouth

On our last day in town, we went on a little driving tour with my dad.  Dad took us to Tomson Cemetery.  Amazingly, his ancestors - members of the Leach family - are buried there.  What's amazing about this is that this cemetery is about a five minute drive away from where my grandma has lived for the past 20+ years, and my parents found it a few years a go almost by accident.  The genealogist in me meant that I, of course, really appreciated the opportunity to see it myself.

The Leach family members are all buried in a little cluster, which made them all easy to locate.  So many of the headstones were extremely deteriorated with lichens growing right on the inscriptions.  Thankfully, a transcription had been made and published 100+ years ago, so we can still know what they all say.  It is unknown to me how a few of these individuals are related, but I know who some of the others are.

  Here is John, died 1807, age 82.

This is Betty or Betsy Leach, wife of John, died 1794, age 66

This is another John, died 1817, age 66.

This is Annah Leach, daughter of Micah Leach and Tabitha Tilden.  Born 18 August and died 20 October 1748.  This is the sister of my 5th-great-grandfather.

This is Lemuel, the son of Micah Leach and Tabitha Tilden.  Born 3 April 1752, died  22 July 1753.  This is the brother of my 5th-great-grandfather. 

And this is the grave of Giles Leach, my 7th-great-grandfather.  He died December 20, 1749, at the age of 52.

Here are the descendants of the Leach family!

Adam found the grave of a Revolutionary War veteran, Chipman Fuller.  It felt very appropriate to be standing at the grave site of a man who fought for this country's independence on Veterans Day weekend.  I love family history, and I'm thankful that I was able to visit the graves of these ancestors.

After visiting the cemetery, we kept driving until we got to Plymouth.  It was too late to really see anything, but we had promised the kids we would visit the ocean.  The low tide meant that there were shells to be found, and the kids would not be deterred by the freezing wind.

And no trip to Massachusetts would be complete without seeing a cranberry bog.  This was my first time ever seeing the harvest.  It's difficult to tell in this picture, but there is a large ring in front of the trailer truck in which the cranberries have been corralled.

This is a bog that hadn't been flooded yet.

After getting back, we enjoyed a few last minutes with my parents in the hotel.  

This was a bitter-sweet trip, to say the least.  I'm thankful that we could make it with my parents though, and that we could give our love to Grandma together.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Bedford

We had a great time visiting New Bedford.  We went to the whaling museum and learned a lot about the history of the whaling industry.  

The kids enjoyed the half-scale replica of the whaling ship.

The view from the top was gorgeous.

We had a delicious seafood dinner at the Black Whale, right on the waterfront.

I ordered a plate of calamari, and Claire loved it!  I thought she would be afraid of the fact that it was squid, but she ate the tentacle pieces as easily as the rings!

I maintain that the lobster roll is the best sandwich ever created.

Adam got a lobster.

Harper was intrigued.

On the drive back, we stopped at Peaceful Meadows to get a frappe.  It was a delicious end to a fun day.

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...