Sunday, December 18, 2016

Random October

When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

Harper wants ALL the pretty horses. (We know what Santa is bringing!)

Harper, hard at work.  I love how she cocks her head to the side when she's really concentrating.

Claire and Henry with their Lego creations.

Henry's preschool went on a field trip to the grocery store.  Yeah, so that's the weirdest field trip ever...he's been to the grocery store a million times with me already.  But Henry loved the fish demonstration anyway. 

The kids got a little smoothie treat afterwards.

Harper is a little wiz at puzzles.  

No school + rainy weather = zoo trip

It was so cute watching Harper stomp around with boots that were a little too big for her.

The kids made a new friend.  A few minutes after the kids parked to watch the orangutan, this beautiful creature walked over and parked right in front of the kids. Here she is, giving them a smile.

She especially seemed to like Henry.  She rarely took her eyes off of him.

The meteorologists in Oregon are...well...they're somethin'.  The forecast was that a massive wind storm, the remnant of a typhoon with hurricane-force winds, 50-ft waves, etc, was set to hit the Pacific Northwest.  It was supposed to be more powerful than the active hurricanes at the time.  Adam and I even cancelled our date night, concerned that if we left the kids with a babysitter and the power went out or something bad happened , that it would be just to scary for everyone involved.  And then the day came and went.  We had some rain.  We had some wind.  And this was the extent of the damage (we will rebuild!):

Eating a sucker with her monkey toes

Q: When your son sleeps in and wakes up just as you are getting into the shower and wants breakfast, and then indicates that he wants yogurt and you have a new box of Gogurt in the fridge and he can reach it so you tell him to help himself, how many Gogurts will he eat?

A: Nine.  The answer is nine.

My cute little crazies

Love lazy Sunday afternoons!

Harper, our little miss independent, has decided she wants to dress herself.  

She's working on it.  :)

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Magical Halloween

Much to the chagrin of Adam and I, not everyone was on board for a family costume last year.  Thankfully, everyone was enthusiastically in agreement that this year we would all dress up in Harry Potter.  While buying some official costume items was necessary (wizard robes and ties), some things we could put together ourselves.  We especially had fun with the wands!  All it took was some dowels, hot glue, paint, and a little creativity (and a few ideas from online).

The first phase didn't look like much.

(Although Henry was more than ready to get in to character!)

Painting was fun.  I added gold to give some highlights.  I thought they turned out pretty good!

Harper loves owls, so Hedwig was the natural costume choice for her.  The owl costumes online were like $40 though, so there was no way we were going to drop that money for a one-time Halloween event.  So I grabbed a white shirt and leggings, some old hospital gowns that we had from Adam's parents' PT practice, and some fabric glue.  I found a printable mask online as well, so she was good to go!

And after all those preparations, it was time to party!  Other than the actual Halloween trick-or-treating, there was a costume event up at the elementary school, and the ward trunk-or-treat.

Our little Harry!  He looked so perfect!

Henry took a quick break from his regularly scheduled costume to play a rabbi.  Shalom!

Adam and I got in on the action for the ward party.  Adam was Mad-Eye Moody, I was Professor Trelawney, and Claire was Hermione, of course!

I still love to make Halloween-themed food.  

Stuffed jack-o-peppers!

I think it's funny that almost every kid comes home from trick-or-treating and immediately begins to inventory and organize their candy.  I did this as a kid, and now Claire does it too!

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...