Thursday, October 27, 2016


This summer, in addition to softball, Adam joined a wood bat baseball league.  He got to play on the Hillsboro Hops field!

 Adam's team lost pretty bad, but all 5 runs his team ended with Adam either scored himself or batted in.  I'd say he pulled his weight.  He looks so happy when he's paying baseball.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Urban Exploration

We tried to keep ourselves busy, especially outside, while Erin was here, trying to do things that we've never done before.  First up:  peach picking!  I am woefully bad at taking advantage of all of the fresh fruit that is produced in this area (mostly because I forget when everything is ready for picking), but there is a couple in our ward that has an orchard, so I knew the peaches were ready.  So to Bell's Orchard we went!

We also had to spend some time downtown, walking the riverfront.

We just had to check out the smallest park in the world, Mill Ends Park (it's really in the Guinness Book of World Records!), which is basically a small circular plot in the median of Naito Parkway.  It was completely silly, but fun for the kids to try to spot.

And finally, our urban exploration ended with a visit to Mt. Tabor, which is a park built atop an extinct volcano.  

Erin took these pictures of Claire.  They make me laugh (notice her "Sunshine and Happiness" shirt).  She was sulking because Erin scolded her, though she had been perfecting the sulk prior to this.  Seven going on seventeen, this one.

The kids looked for the perfect sticks to make wands of.  Harry Potter spells abounded.  Even Harper joined in, and she wouldn't give up her wand, even when she needed a little yaya break.

Even after being in this area for 9 years, it's so fun to find new things to do and explore.

And finally, we were able to watch Adam play baseball.  We had some good adventures.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Silver Falls

Though we had just enjoyed a family visit with everyone mid-June, by the time mid-July rolled around, I was feeling bored.  Thankfully, Erin was feeling bored too, and so she agreed to some back to Oregon to spend the better part of a week with us.  We started out with Silver Falls State Park.  This is a park that I want to revisit!  Not only are there waterfalls, but waterfalls that you can walk behind!  We started at Upper North Falls.

Then we headed to North Falls.  

The trail goes completely behind the falls, and it is amazing.  I think I liked this waterfall better than Multnomah!

There are actually 10 waterfalls at this park which can be seen if you take a 7+ mile hike, but since we were with little people with little legs, we opted to walk to just one more of the falls.  We stopped to play in the river for a little cool off time.

Harper enjoyed herself, and thought throwing the rocks in the water was great fun.

This park was awesome.  My objective (or maybe just my hope) is that I can toughen up the kids so we can come back and do the full loop!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Bombs Bursting In Air

On the 4th of July we went with our dear friends, the Petersons, to the Hops game. Nothing says "America!" more than a baseball game!

Henry practiced his swing at the kids area.  He did remarkably well for a 4-year-old!

Henry yelled, "Wham bam I'm the Red Sox!" (Glad he stopped at "wham bam"!)

Love these precious faces.

I've decided that nothing beats watching fireworks in a ball park!

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...