Saturday, September 10, 2016

Random June

My funny little Harper.  She takes after her siblings...she is not good at smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.  

I went on a youth temple trip.  We met at 5 in the morning (it was amazing that there were 20+ youth in attendance at that time!).  We got done about 7 am, and the temple just looked beautiful.  I took a bunch of family names for baptisms and confirmations - it was a great morning.

Me:  Henry, what happened to your head?
Henry:  I scratched it on the tree!
M:  Owie!
H:  It's okay!  Harry Potter has a scratch on his head!

Glenda and Bryant gave us this great little shade tent for us to use at the beach, but it worked just as well in the back yard on a hot day!

Glenda and Bryant also gave the kids this fantastic picnic table for the kids.  We have put both Grandma and Grandpa gifts to good use!

Backyard discoveries:  Claire found a ladybug (my kids' favorite), and Henry found this white garden spider.  

Harper didn't find anything...she was just bummed that Brother and Sister were the ones with the bugs. (Harper loves bugs.)

Claire's speech bubbles just crack me up!

Harper, showing Henry where all the pieces go.  Henry begins to stick the last piece in, and she exclaims "Goody job Why-ee!" (which is how she says Henry).  When the puzzle piece meets a little resistance, she begins yelling "pursh!!"  Love how this little girl takes charge!  I actually bought this puzzle for Claire - not because I thought it would be challenging, but because Claire is interested in maps and where everyone lives.  I thought it would be a good way to learn the states.  But Harper declared the puzzle was hers, and learned how to do it in about 3 tries.

I took the kids blueberry and raspberry picking.  It proved to be a very successful activity, though Harper's bucket stayed suspiciously empty through the whole venture, though I know she picked berries...

Claire and one of her best school friends, Madelyn.

Cheering for Daddy at one of his softball games.

Look at Harper's little face peeking up over the movie setup!  

We went on a family walk at the Cooper Mountain nature park.  We live in a beautiful place.  

The girls enjoying the new hammock.

Friday, September 9, 2016

NoCal and SoOr

My family only had a week to spend with us before they needed to get Beth back for work.  We decided to head down to the Redwoods - If my family was going to have to make that long trek back, they might as well see something amazing, right?  Adam and I were only too happy to oblige.  

The northern California coast is gorgeous (and very similar to the Oregon coast, in my opinion).

The redwoods didn't disappoint.  I think everyone had a great time.


The last time we visited, Harper was 3 weeks old, riding on the Bjorn carrier on my chest.  This time she got to enjoy it herself.

We couldn't resist driving through the big tree!

We returned to the Trees of Mystery park to take the tram up through the trees.

After our adventures in the trees, we made one last stop at a whale watching site.  The Klamath River overlook was stunning and... totally delivered!  We spotted some gray whales!  (I stole this shot from my sister, whose camera worked better than my phone.)  It was the perfect end to a fun family visit.

The next morning, as my family headed back to Utah, Adam and I decided to take one last foray into the forest, heading into Jedediah Smith State Park.  The old growth forest was gorgeous.

Claire was feeling pretty bummed about saying goodbye to her cousins, aunties and grandparents, so Adam hung back and walked with her.  They were so cute.  

Adam and I decided to drive up Hwy 101 on our way home, even though it added about 2 of hours to the trip.  It was awesome!

We pulled over on the side of the road when we saw this sand dune, not far from Coos Bay, OR.

It was a pretty good sized dune.  The van is hidden by the trees down at the bottom, but it really was on the side of the road.

And this is what we found at the top!  It was amazing!  It's actually part of Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area.  After being in the car for hours, the kids had a blast!

Sliding back down was definitely more fun than climbing up!

Our final stop was near the sea lion caves at the Hecata Head Lighthouse overlook near Florence, OR.  The sea lions were laying out on the rocks.

And the view of the lighthouse was pretty.

Driving up the 101 was worth the extra time!

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...