Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Adventures in Kitchen Remodelling

This is the end of February.  We'd already begun to unpack some things when I realized I'd better take a "before" picture.  

This counter space was nice and long, but it was rarely used for more than collecting mail and other stuff as we came into the house (translation: it was always cluttered with junk.).

I hated that overhead cabinet.  It cut the kitchen off from the family room, and it had so much blind space that was never used.  

March 9:   When working with the designer at Lowe's (i.e. crunching the numbers), Adam insisted that we would do the demo.  I probably would've taken the more expensive "let's pay someone who knows what they're doing and has a team to do it" route.  But Adam was amazing.  He figured it all out.

March 10:  A good chunk of those cabinets - both lower and upper - ended up in our garage for extra storage out there!

 Original linoleum!

All upper cabinets out.  Note the soffits that will eventually be removed.

March 14:  Getting out the last of the lower cabinets.

March 15:  We began taking up the tile floor, to find MORE lovely linoleum underneath. This linoleum is probably from when the cabinets were put in (late 80's?).   Again, this was really all Adam (with a few hours of help from our friend Paul and neighbor Trevor).  This part was labor intensive with heavy cement board and such.  The kitchen was a pain, having to chip it out tile by tile.  Once we got to the dining area and hallway, however, Adam was able to get it up in chunks, cement board and all.  My role in all this?  Making sure we had a dumpster in the driveway, and dumping it all in there the next day!

March 18:  Our cabinets are delivered!  We had a pretty packed garage!

March 19:  Soffits are out!

March 20:  The kitchen, at least, is completely empty, ready for cabinet install!  Adam, again, was amazing.  There were a couple areas with some water damage to the sub floor, so Adam cut and measured and patched...  

...and basically ended up redoing the the entire sub floor.  

He also patched the ceiling after removing all the soffits, ready for when we had someone come to plaster/texture to match the rest of it.

March 21:  The end of day one of the cabinet install.  Sink is also installed (more on that later).

March 22:  The other side is installed!  So excited for this pantry-type cabinet!

March 23:  The addition of hardware!

We also finished clearing all the old flooring out of the entry, hallways and family room.  I actually helped with some of this, assisting in removing all of the screws that kept the tile backing down.  And even MORE old linoleum in the entry way!

March 24:  New flooring!  We went with a dark stained bamboo.  So pretty!

Our one area of contention (which, to this date, has still not been resolved):  We have a sunken living room with a curved stair.  Lumber liquidators insisted that this molded flexible piece would solve our problem of a stair nose.  Adam didn't think it would work, but the assured us that this product is used for this precise kind of thing (and it can be stained to match).  Yeah, well, Adam was right.  It isn't fully attached to the flooring, so if you step on it, it gives way under your feet.  It just looks junky.  We eventually got our money back, but have yet to have a custom woodworker in to finish it off for us.  The work is never done!  Hopefully we'll get there someday!

March 31:  The microwave was the first of the appliances to be installed, and I have never been so happy for this bit of cooking technology right here.  We had been without an oven for a few weeks, and we were really hurting for warm food.  We did a lot of sandwiches at first, but we got SO SICK OF SANDWICHES!!!  It was rough.  We ate out a lot more than we should.  And I got a nasty bout of food poisoning after eating Indian food from the mall, which we had decided to go to to get out of our construction-zone house.  After this puppy was installed, I ran to the grocery store and bought about $60 worth of frozen dinners and we had a glorious warm meal in our home (albeit we had to eat one at a time as the food was heated up).  It was still a while before we got a fridge in the house (a counter-depth fridge was ordered at first which was absurd.  That was the guys' decision - meaning Adam and the Lowe's guy -not mine).  And we went from a slide-in range to a free standing, and the gas input was in a different location.  So we had to get the gas line moved before our new oven could be installed.  That, too, was a glorious day!

April 12:  New can lights!

April 14:  The counters are installed.  And look at this beautiful sink!  I am so in love with this sink!  I wanted a farm sink, but one that had a 60/40 partition.  Let me tell you, they are tricky to come by.  Luckily, we found a Kohler one that we loved, but there were none in our area.  We ended up finding one in Boise, and we had it shipped to us.  It was more than I wanted to spend on a sink, but I love it so was a good splurge!

April 15:  Plumbing is installed.  By the next day, I was ready to get things washed and unpacked.  There was construction dust covering everything, so I had to give a lot of stuff a good wash-down.  This sink is so wonderful and perfectly proportioned that I could lay my big baking sheets down flat to wash.  I've never had so much fun washing dishes!

 April 19:  All unpacked!  Now all we need is a backsplash...

June 4:  We finally have a backsplash!  It looks so pretty!  (Also note that we added a pendant over the sink and a new light fixture in the dining room, which we absolutely love!)

...except for this.  I thought it would look more classic if we had a bullnose edge instead of a metal schluter.  But this is what the tile guy installed:  

See how the lines are just barely off?  And that weird diagonal cut?  Of course, Adam tried to talk to the guy as he was installing, but he was essentially told that it was too late.  Yeah, well we had to have the guy come back due to some scratched tiles and some grout that had some chunks missing, and I had the schluter out and ready.  The dude gave me a hard time (I'm a pushover woman, and he treated me as such), but luckily Adam came home for lunch and the guy changed his tune.  So he took that tile out and put a schluter in.  

So there it is!  We love our kitchen and how open it feels now.  We don't get direct sunlight into the kitchen, so the white really brightens everything up.  And to have one kind of flooring through the house instead of the tile that went to crappy laminate is sooo much better (though the dark wood is hard to keep clean with little people)! We are so happy with the way it turned out!  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Random May

This little girl loves headbands and sunglasses.  

Family walk at Jenkins Estate

Every week, Claire's backpack would be full of little books that she had been working on at school.  This one caught my eye and left me in stitches. I just hope her sweet teacher wasn't offended (I know she's a big coffee drinker)!

Henry got the team cheer!

There is no limit to this girl's awesomeness!

Claire, Henry and Harper were so cute as we tried to get some shopping done at the mall.  They found a show on in a kids clothing store and just made themselves right at home.

Harper's first haircut!  With family pictures coming up, we had our neighbor, Chelsea, give Harper's hair a much-needed trim.

I was nervous that Harper wouldn't want to hold still, but all it took was putting her favorite show on the iPad, and she was a happy camper.

Henry using his bat as a gun, of course.

Harper fights sitting in a shopping cart, but she has no problems with a rolling basket.

Pirate Harper!

She was the prettiest little helper while I did some weeding.

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...