Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Super Citizen

Claire received the Super Citizen Award at school - an award she was nominated for by her teacher.  Mrs. Devlin read the reason for her nomination to the entire school during an assembly:

"Claire is a kind, thoughtful and caring young lady.  She goes out of her way to patiently help students with work or who are having a bad day.  She notices those in need of a friend or hug and is quick to help.  Claire has a big heart and shares her caring attitude with everyone she meets.  Claire is a valuable super citizen to our classroom and school."

Claire was so surprised, and I was so proud.  Harper expressed her approval freely.

Claire loves her teacher, and it was clear when Mrs. Devlin talked about Claire that she really cares about Claire as well.  I am so happy to see the positive influence this sweet teacher has in Claire's life.

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