Thursday, October 29, 2015

Swan Valley

Our last day in Idaho was a beautiful one.  We drove out to Swan Valley and enjoyed a perfect fall day.

We went to Katie's parents' home.  The kids had a blast.

Katie was so sweet and offered to saddle up a horse for the kids to ride.  

Henry enjoyed the treasures he found in the tack shed.

Claire kept declaring that she wanted to be a farmer.  She was so excited to help brush down the horse.

The horses weren't the only hit on the ranch.  My kids are obviously animal-starved, because the cat and dog were equally adored.

Claire was in absolute heaven.

Henry finally got his turn.   I thought he was going to roll right off the side of the horse, but he did great.

Claire hitched a final ride back.

Look at her crossing her little leg while she's sleeping.  Everything this babe does is adorable.

After a picnic lunch, Adam lay down on the grass for a snooze.  The cat joined him, sitting on his stomach.  Well, Harper thought it looked like great fun and basically sat on Adam's neck so she could pet the cat.  Then the dog decided to join in and plopped down right up next to the other three.  Serves him right for trying to nap in the great outdoors!

After a beautiful afternoon, Trent, Katie, Adam and I went to the South Fork Lodge for an amazing dinner.  With it being a Monday night, I think we were the only ones at the restaurant.  We ate out on the patio with a raging fire behind us, and a glorious view of the Snake River.  

It also happened to be my birthday.  This is 37!

I can't speak for anyone else, but I just about ate myself sick.  The food was so good!  It was so fun to go on a fancy dinner date.  It was the perfect way to close out our trip to Idaho.

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Glenda said...

So glad you documented this fun family time

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