Thursday, July 16, 2015

Seeing the Sights: Quebec City

I had a small list of things to see and do in Quebec City, but  much of that list was to simply check out the old city, the Place Royal, the Quartier Petite Champlain, the fortifications...all things you kind of just come across as you are walking around.  It's not like going to a museum or a performance.  So as far as seeing the sights, there were two major things:  the Notre Dame Basilica in Quebec City, and the changing of the guard at La Citadelle.

First up:  Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-Quebec.

There was a description of the altar piece.  The first tier is of saints who are supposed to be inspiring in daily life.  The second tier is Mary, who is a mediator, guiding people to Jesus.  The third tier is the resurrected Jesus, on a globe and holding the cross, symbolizing His universal kingship through his victory over evil and death.

The pipe organ.

We visited this basilica one morning as tourists, and then on our last morning, while walking around QC before leaving, we heard the church bells ringing.  So naturally, we headed in the direction of the church.  We saw a very official car pull up, with lights flashing and flags waving.  The car parked right in front of the basilica and we saw a man get out flanked by a man in a dark suit (obviously a body guard) and a military guy, medals hanging from his coat.  We walked up to the front of the church to find out what was going on, and were informed that there was a special mass for Canada Day (July 1).  So we attended mass at the QC basilica.  There was beautiful music, incense, the whole shebang.  We even sang "O, Canada" in French at the end!  We found out the important guy with the entourage was the Leutentant Governor of Quebec, who is Queen Elizabeth II's representative to Quebec.  Man were we swanky, going to mass with the VIP's!

We also stopped by the Anglican cathedral.  The different Protestant church denominations in Old Quebec were a reminder that the British were victors over a French Catholic people.

And yet another church.  Yes, we saw a LOT of churches.  But frankly, there are a lot in Quebec City.  As we walked around, we would see a door open and just want to check it out.  Adam, especially, really loved seeing the old churches.  It was kind of fun to see how each denomination did it just a little differently.  This one is the Methodist (Wesleyan) church.  Much simpler than the Catholic churches, it was still beautiful.  

There was a guy playing the guitar down in the front of the church.

Last but not least:  the changing of the guard at La Citadelle.  First we walked around the fortifications a bit.

The view from the top of La Citadelle was phenomenal.

I wonder how much the bearskin hats weigh.

All the province flags.

The men dressed in their finest....aaaaaaand a ceremonial goat.

This is where the band came out along with the new guard to relieve the old guard after 24 hours of sentry duty at the Citadelle's entrance.

There was a lot of pomp about it all, but we still had to remember that this was an active military base for the Royal 22nd Regiment.

This is the parliament building in Quebec City.

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Erin said...

The Catholic churches are alwyas so beautiful and ornate, but the Lutheran one actually has more beautiful stained glass, in my opinion (or maybe it's the methodist one). I can't get the videos to work, though.

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