Thursday, December 31, 2015

Home For the Holidays, Part 3

We really seemed to get busy after Christmas.  The 26th is my brother's birthday, and we celebrated by going out for Indian food and having cheesecake after, and watching some Star Wars, of course.

We visited the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay.  They had a Lego model of Lambeau Field on display, which was pretty awesome.

Checking out the old department store Christmas display windows


 Getting a good look at the Fox River.

There was a cool exhibit on an architectural firm that has been in Green Bay since the 1890s, and highlighted the various architectural styles throughout the decades.  Claire tried her hand at designing and building a structure to last the ages.

I love that my brother loves to cook.  And he's really good at it.  He made us pizza one night, and it was amazing.  

Cant' handle the cute.

They even slept through the pizza!

Snow!!  We got about a foot of it.  We had to change some plans around to avoid the roads (which were treacherous that first day), but we made the best of it.  

Trying to get mom, of course!

To say that Henry loved it would be an understatement.

Claire takes after her mother, and didn't like getting super cold.  To be fair, we don't have snow clothes, and I'm pretty sure that when she went outside she had one thin pair of socks on under those shoes of hers.  Daddy stepped in to play the hero and gave her his coat.

Henry, on the other hand, dove headfirst into the snow banks any chance he could get.

Snowball fight!

Grandpa even took his snow thrower into the back yard and made a track for the kids to run around.

Adam worked really hard on this snowman.  Turned out pretty good!

It even had hair!

On our last full day, we headed down to Milwaukee to hit up the public museum there.  The kids had a great time!  Harper's new favorite thing is bugs, and she was just in heaven.

The Streets of Old Milwaukee is always a hit.

And I ran into some childhood friends!  Nora and Rissie were in my ward growing up.  While we are Facebook friends, it was awesome to see them in person after so many years!  Appropriate that it was in the Streets of Old Milwaukee - a true blast from the past!

Talking to the operator...

Catching A Trip to the Moon in the brand new theater!

Making a wish in the European Village

After checking out the historical Milwaukee exhibits, we went to the butterfly garden (which Claire could hardly wait for!).  Harper was amazed.

While Harper loves bugs, she didn't much appreciate being stuck in a chrysalis.

We checked out the whole museum, and the kids loved the dioramas.

I was so proud when Henry discovered the hidden button to make the rattlesnake tail shake.  Another generation enjoying the museum!

And I noticed that as we walked around, Claire had this little narrative going on.  When I asked her what she was saying, she told me she was pretending.  I was thrilled.  When we were little and went to the museum with our family, Erin and I would pretend that we were travelling around the world.  I really developed a sense of wonder of the world and different places because of this museum.  I was so happy to see that sense of imagination coming out in my Claire Bear.

And afterwards, we went to Barbiere's to get pizza and garlic bread.

Mostly, these pictures were taken to send to my sisters to make them jealous.  Now they are just making my mouth water.

It was the perfect end to a wonderful visit home!

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