Sunday, November 23, 2014

Enthusiastic Eater

Well, Harper has finally gotten to the point where milk from Mom is no longer enough.  While I started cereal with both Claire and Henry at about 5 months, I waited until Harper hit the 6 month mark to start her on solids.  I think she was ready.  

Though she gave me the same sour faces that Claire and Henry did when they tried cereal for the first time, Harper was definitely more physiologically mature and kept most of it in her mouth.  She was interested in the food, and even enthusiastic about trying again!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Incredible Evening

The Incredibles has been a favorite family movie in our home for quite some time.  Every time we would turn it on, Henry and Claire would run around the family room, mimicking the characters on the show.  Henry thought Dash was the coolest character around, and would exclaim "I Dash!" every time he felt the need to run fast.  After Harper was born, Adam and I quickly decided we needed to be the Incredibles for Halloween!  It was really fun putting the costumes together.  We ordered the red clothing online, used an old t-shirt of Adam's for the belt, cut off old leggings for the kids' black bottoms, and Adam created the iron-on Incredibles logo.  I made the eye masks from craft foam and stretchy string used for jewelry making.  I would say we looked pretty good!

It was fun to be in Cedar and go trick-or-treating with cousins!  

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Clark's house for a Halloween party that involved lots of games and treats.  The kids had a great time.

Henry tried and tried to catch that little ball...

and eventually he figured out how to do it...his own way.

Cute cousins!

After the games, we headed out to do some trick-or-treating.   It was so fun - people would holler at us from cars, telling us how they loved our costumes!  

Harper was quite the hit!

Well, she was pretty incredible!  I was amazed...she kept that mask on the whole time without scratching or pulling at it.  

One house gave out hot chocolate!

After collecting all the loot, we headed back for a couple more games.

I think Harper enjoyed her first Halloween!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Grand Canyon

Before we went to Utah, I discussed some ideas with my dad about things we could do when we were all together, one of which was to make it to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  For years I'd been kicking myself for living so close - a mere 3-hour drive away from Cedar City - and never visiting the Grand Canyon during the 3 years I lived there.  I'm so glad everyone agreed to make the trip.

Here's our merry crew!

It was a beautiful day for driving.  This spot in between Cedar and St. George was always one of my favorite sights.

One of the best things Henry has ever said was uttered while looking out the windows:  "Look Mom!  It's Radiator Springs!"

I had no idea that there were bison at the Grand Canyon!

It certainly is grand!

As beautiful as it was, it was pretty scary to be there with little kids.  Especially little kids like Henry, who have no sense of danger whatsoever.

This is the best we could do as far as a family picture goes...

Hopefully we can make it to the South Rim someday to see the iconic views and do some of the hikes (and hopefully we can do it when the kids are older, and we're not afraid of losing them over the edge), but at least I can say now that I've been to the Grand Canyon..and it was amazing!

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