Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Year at the Fort

Due to the sequester last summer, the annual vintage baseball event at Fort Vancouver was cancelled.  It was nice to be able to come back this year, to see all the fans (many of whom I heard discussing how they had missed this event last summer), and watch Adam and his team beat the Occidentals.

Pre-game strategizing.

The opponents.

Adam "Stormin' Mormon" Belnap

The Pioneer Base Ball Club.

Adam, catching a fly ball.

Here we take a quick break to check out this cutie!

Okay, back to the baseball.

He nailed it!

On his way to second.

Running it in.

My handsome man in uniform.

And here's the game ball.

It was good to be back!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wiggle Bug

Henry is always...busy.  He doesn't often stand still.  This can be a challenge sometimes.  He has discovered a way to get out his wiggles on the frequent occasions where I ask him to just stay in one spot.  Sometimes he just spontaneously does it when we're watching a movie or something...he just has all this pent-up energy that needs releasing.  It makes me laugh, and I knew it was one of those things that even though he does it frequently now, there will come a day when he simply doesn't do it any more, so I needed to record it.  He doesn't often comply when I ask him to do things for me with a camera in hand, but thankfully he obliged the day I recorded this.

I Can Do Hard Things

Sometimes being a mom is hard.  I realize there are people who have to deal with things that are infinitely more difficult than I do, so in the grand scheme of things I have nothing to complain about.  But you know when you have those moments?  The ones where you are in a crowd of people, attempting to discreetly nurse your 12 week old baby while covered up on a 90°+ day, and your two older children are doing the opposite of everything you've asked (and begged and pleaded and even yelled at) them to do, and one, at this very inopportune moment, is running on to a baseball field while the game is in play and you are just at your wit's end?  Yeah, sometimes it's just hard.  Physically and emotionally draining.  And you know the only thing you can do to ease that frustration you feel at your littles is to play with them, because you need to laugh or else you'd be crying in frustration at all the things you feel you must be doing wrong or else you wouldn't be feeling so frazzled.  I recently had one of those hard moments (and it certainly wasn't an isolated occurrence..and still isn't, for that matter.)

But I can do hard things.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

West Linn's Old Time Fair

Adam has been on his old-timey baseball team for five years now (I think), and every year they play the Willamettes at the West Linn Old Time Fair.  This is the first year I've actually been able to attend (yay for maternity leave in the summer!)  The kids enjoyed the free all-you-can-eat popcorn and their first-ever snow cones.

They may have had two each.  Or three.

After the ball game, we walked around the fair, had some burgers and amazing pie from the Lion's Club (even Adam loved it, and considering he doesn't love pie all that much, that's saying something!), and checked out the police department's booth.

Pretty sure this was the kids' favorite part.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Gentleman's Game

Adam is adventurous, especially when it comes to sports that involve a ball and bat of one form or another.  Softball, vintage baseball, name it, he will try it, if he hasn't already.  Just such an opportunity presented itself last month.  Intel employs a lot of people from India, and there is a group of people who meet regularly to play a friendly, shortened version of cricket.  Adam saw a flier posted at work, and asked if he could try it out.  He met with some people during lunch to learn the basics, and later that night, the match was played.  The kids and I were lucky to be able to tag along and watch.

Adam got out on his first and only time at bat.  He just hits it too hard.  

Henry entertained himself by knocking down a spare set of stumps.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beach Day

While we had fun when family visited for both Claire and Henry's blessings, it was in February (both times), so any time spent outdoors was naturally pretty chilly.  But that was not the case this time around.  We enjoyed perfect weather, and everyone was up for a day at the coast.  We researched the tide schedule, and realized that if we got to Cannon Beach at lunch time, the tide would be low and we could explore the tide pools at Haystack Rock.  I've only been able to make it to the great rock once before, and I was anxious to do it with the kids, who are so fascinated by animal life.  

But let me tell you, it was a tough sell for the kids, who were so happy to just sit and play in the sand.

Harper slept the entire time, at least.

We had quite a hike ahead of us.  The rock is so big that it never really looks as far away as it actually is.

Regardless of how far away it is, Haystack Rock is beautiful, and just begs to have its' picture taken with.

We eventually made it, and immediate exploration began.

There were only two starfish in sight.  Claire was excited to get in on the action.

Anemones, pink and green, were everywhere.

Claire liked touching those as well.

The tide began to come back in, and thus put an end to the tide pool exploring.  The kids were just happy to play!  Henry loved being chased by the waves.  I loved watching him turn around to see how close they were to catching him. 

While the kids played, the grownups just hung out, family style.

The Oregon coast really is a beautiful place.

It was a fantastic beach day.  We were so glad to be able to visit the coast with the family!

Harper Turns 3!

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