Saturday, March 29, 2014

These Ones Are Not Like the Others

I have taken dozens of pictures of Adam reading with Claire and/or Henry.  I don't know what it is, but I think it's the cutest thing when they are reading together.  So when Adam and Claire were reading together a few nights ago, I couldn't resist pulling out my camera.  Except these pictures aren't like the dozens of previous ones.  This time, Claire is the one who is reading!

Bob Books have just 3-letter words that have just a few sounds introduced in each book (i.e. Mac can sit.), so it's been a great way for Claire to begin.  

It's been great to see her gain confidence as she remembers sight words and sounds.  She's doing great!  And as we are out and about on various errands, when she asks "what does ___ spell?", I tell her that she should try sounding it out and she does.  I'm so proud of my little reader!

In other literary news, Henry has learned his alphabet, pretty much independent of me.  Probably a month ago, I was upstairs working on our alphabet puzzle with Henry, thinking that I had failed him because by this point I was working on the alphabet with Claire, and as he put the letters on the puzzle, he was saying what each of them were.  I was flabbergasted!  I knew that he knew a few like O, T and I, but I had no idea that he knew the vast majority of them.  I don't know where he learned them all - if it was because of Claire, or because of a PBS show that both kids love that is all about pre-reading and language skills (Super Why!).  But he loves letters, and sings the alphabet song constantly. 

We have a little computer hooked up to our TV and a wireless keyboard that we keep near the TV to work it.  Regularly, Henry pulls that keyboard out, puts it in the middle of the floor, lies down on his belly, and goes through the alphabet while pushing each key as he moves down the keyboard.  It is so cute.  He loves his letters, and looks for them if we are at a store, a restaurant, or even on street signs.  Not too bad for a barely two-year-old!  I have a feeling he might be a reader as well, and I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter Lull

We've kind of had a lull here during the past few months.  Not too much has been going on.  Adam is still busy with school, I am still busy growing a baby, and the kids are just busy being kids.  I think we're all feeling it though - a little bit of cabin fever.  Between the rain, colds, being down to only one vehicle for a while, and my lack of pep due to pregnancy, we've been stuck in the house for a while, and Claire, especially, was itching for a reason to get out.  So when Adam had his last break in school quarters, we took the kids to the Children's Museum, per Claire's request.  

We probably haven't been in a year, and Claire was so happy to be back.  Of course, there were the usual suspects of room choice.  The water room is always the favorite. 

The last time we were here, Henry wasn't even really walking yet (I remember we didn't have shoes on him, so we couldn't put him down or else his socks would be all wet).  He was LOVING this room. 

His sleeves were soaked through.  After we left this area, Adam actually stripped him down to hold his shirt under the hand dryers because it was so soaked.

I love how Claire dresses up in everything.  She really gets into the role playing.

While Claire busied herself with role playing, Henry happily occupied himself with the ball contraption, doing it over and over again.

I always find it humorous that Claire balks when it's time for our weekly grocery shopping trip, but if it involves fake food at the museum, she loves it.

The special exhibit was fun for the kids.  Portland is a big cycling town, so the fact that they had a bicycle exhibit was no surprise.  There was a virtual bike course,

felt bikes to build,

and of course, a create-your-own-PVC-pipe bike.  Adam was totally all over this one.

It was a fun outing to break up the winter boredom.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Love Is All You Need

I think I am happiest as a mother when Claire and Henry love each other.  Even if it is just while watching a show on the iPad.  It just makes my heart melt when I see them snuggling, laughing together, and showing affection.  Even better when it's on Valentine's Day.

Harper Turns 3!

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