Monday, February 10, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

The last time we had any honest-to-goodness snowfall here in the greater Portland area was 2008.  I was in the hospital, giving birth to Claire.  Every instance of snow since then has been merely an inch or two, which is enough for the locals to freak out and cancel school, but not enough to cause any real disruption to life.  So when snow was forecast for this past week, I took it with a grain of salt.  It dusted a little on the 4th (6 days ago), and though the kids were plastered to the windows, amazed that the white stuff was actually falling, it basically stopped after 20 minutes or so, and not a trace of it remained on the ground.  I figured that that was going to be it for the snowstorm that the meteorologists had been warning about.  

Imagine my surprise when it began snowing 2 days later.  And this time, it actually stuck.  Adam even came home from work early.  Claire was so excited - all she could talk about was building a snowman.  While I was sick inside the house, Adam geared up with Claire to check out the snow situation.

Obviously, we weren't prepared with snow gear for Claire.  Her hat and mittens were something that have been in the closet for at least 2 years, her coat left something to be desired, and she didn't even have rain boots her size, so she went out in her fleece jacket, two pairs of socks pulled over her jeans, and running shoes.   

The snow left something to be desired.  It was pretty powdery, so it didn't roll up, despite Adam's best efforts.  Basically, that first day all Claire and Adam could do was walk in the flurries and make snow angels.  

Well, it kept snowing.  Schools were closed, Adam worked from home, and even the library closed, so I didn't have to go to work either.  Claire excitedly asked to go out again, hoping for that snowman.  Still it was a no-go, but she enjoyed herself anyway.

Day 3 of the snowstorm was fun for us.  It was Saturday, and we just wanted to get out of the house.  We went to a movie and ran some errands.  It was great.  Most of the people here are too scared to drive in the snow, which meant that the roads were mostly empty except for those with 4 wheel drive.  We had the movie theater to ourselves, and laughed that the grocery store shelves, especially those containing bread, fruit, and milk, were mostly empty.  (C'mon people!  This snow is most likely going to be melted in a couple of need to panic!)  Adam and I were pretty thankful that we grew up in snowy places so that we know how to drive in it, and don't feel isolated when the snow does come.

Well, yesterday, the worst part of the storm approached.  On top of the 8 or so inches of snow fell freezing rain.  Now that is something to be wary of.  Church was cancelled, and though the snow was crunchy on top, the temperature had begun to rise (thus rain instead of snow).  Finally, the snow was perfect for making a snowman.  We finally got Henry in on the action.  As bad as Claire's snow-appropriate gear is, Henry's is worse.  We just kept him in his footie jammies, put him in Claire's old rain boots and threw on his coat.  we don't even own gloves or a hat for him.  But he didn't seem to mind.  

Adam found it easiest to pack the snow in one of the recycling bins to make the snowman with.  He turned out kind of block-ish, but it was still fun.  

Even I ended up in some pictures for a change!  

And here they are with their finished product.  Given the current forecast, the snow will be melted within a few days, but I'm glad Claire got her snowman, and that Henry got a good snow experience.  I laugh that the locals freak out at the least bit of snowfall, but I will admit, it was so fun to have Adam home and be all together for about 4 days!

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