Friday, March 22, 2013

Mom Thinks She's Soooo Smart

Henry loves climbing the stairs.  Now he's pretty good at it.  But back when he was first figuring things out, I was so scared that he would fall down the stairs that I would try to devise ways to block him. (You may be wondering why we didn't just get a baby gate...well, we have this weird short wall that a baby gate wouldn't securely fit to) I would move the chairs in front of the stairs.  That worked for about a week and a half, but then he became strong enough to move them.  Then I thought that maybe I could just pile my recently-taken-down Christmas decorations on the stairs until I come up with something better.  Well, it didn't take much time before Henry laughed at my blockade and just started scaling my lame attempt at a barrier.  I was bested by a one-year old. Then I figured it was high-time I taught him how to go DOWN the stairs.  I guess that was the compromise that worked for us both.

Best Buddy Ever

We made it back just in time from our Christmas trip to pick up Erin from the airport.  And then we had a few wonderful days with our Buddy.

Henry took to her right away.

And these two?  Do I even need to say anything about their relationship?  I think not.

 Our time was spent hanging out, doing a little shopping, her helping me get ready for a party the day after we got back into town, and other random things.  We took a night to go out on the town.  Which for us meant little more than heading to Kenny & Zukes, and walking around downtown.

Over the course of winter, this little girl decided she loved scarves.  She was looking particularly stylish that night.

My handsome little man was there.  

This handsome man was there too.  

We had a great visit, and Claire is already making plans for the next time Buddy comes to our house.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


So after writing the sappy (and somewhat depressing) previous post, I must let you see Henry enjoying his first chocolate cake.  I couldn't decide which video was better, so I put in both.

This video is his first taste of the cake.  The smile just gets me every time I watch it.  

To say he inhaled the cake might give you the wrong impression.  He literally did inhale the cake.

I think I should give him cake more often.  Look at that face!

After a bath, Henry opened some sweet presents.  He got lots of help from an enthusiastic audience.

The little man had a great time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thoughts on Henry Turning 1

To the approximately 3 people who actually still check this blog on a regular basis, a note of caution.  The following post is very personal, very emotional (for me, anyway), and may be more information than you want to know.  But for me, it is long overdue, and something I have been thinking about for a long time.  Consider yourself warned.

First I must talk about the past.  In January of 2011, we lost a pregnancy.  I went in for a normal checkup at 18 weeks.  We had just been to visit my family for the holidays and had shared the happy news with my extended family.  I was looking pregnant.  I was scheduled to have an ultrasound the following week to determine the gender of our child.  Things were good.  And then the worst was discovered.  One look of my doctor's face told me everything.  There was no heartbeat.  And then we walked down the hall...the loneliest walk I think I've ever taken.  And I did have an ultrasound, but instead of finding out the gender, it was to confirm the fact that the baby was dead.  "Fetal demise due to cystic hygroma" was the official diagnosis.  This defect (caused by problems when the lymphatic system is beginning to develop) was such that the baby wouldn't have made it to birth, even if we had discovered the problem earlier.

It was so hard to explain the grief to family/friends/co-workers when we'd never held the baby, when we were just out of the "danger zone", etc, but the grief was so real.  I can't even begin to explain the heaviness in my heart.  I'd heard people use that expression before, but this was the first time I understood what it meant.  It was so hard to understand the lesson in that trial.  But what I DID feel was the intense love for my little Claire.  She was with me when I found out the baby was gone, and the concern she expressed for me was so tender, it just made me love and cherish her all the more. (She kept giving me hugs and rubbing my tears with her ya ya to help me to feel better).  I am forever grateful that she was there with me.  I truly believe it was a tender mercy to have her there to help me focus on the blessings in my life and not just the pain of that moment. That is what helped me the most, realizing that I was so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter - regardless of what might-or might not-happen in the future.

Though my intention for this blog was to use it as our family journal, I was too scared/shy to write about what had happened at the time.  I guess I thought it would be too morbid or inappropriate for some reason.  But then I wished that I had, because I needed to talk about it, and some people--most people--were too afraid to ask, probably because it is such a painful subject.  And then it felt like I was expected to pretend it had never happened.  But I was heartbroken.  Two years later, when January 14 rolls around, it still makes me sad to think about.

After the D&E (surgical procedure to remove the fetus), my doctor told Adam that it looked like it would have been a boy.  That information was really hard for me to hear, because I had really wanted a boy.  One day I was praying for some comfort, and pulled out my scriptures.  I just opened to a random page, and it happened to be Alma 56, where it talks about the stripling warriors and their mothers teaching them to trust in God.  And then I knew in my heart that there was a boy waiting for me, that I would have the opportunity to have a son.  Two months after losing one baby, we became pregnant with another.  And it was a boy.

The moment Henry was placed into my arms, I knew he was the most beautiful, perfect boy that I had ever seen, and that I had never been so grateful than at that moment.  (And that last statement is in NO WAY meant to discount or lesson my gratitude for Adam or Claire).  He was definitely worth the wait.  So as I looked at my little man on his first birthday (though it was now 2 months ago), I was filled with all of that gratitude again for my beautiful little boy, and an appreciation for the miracle that each baby is, given the infinitesimal things that can go wrong.  I am so blessed.  I am so thankful for my children and my husband.  I am thankful for the difficult things that help us to recognize and appreciate the good things.  And I am thankful for the things that remind us of those difficult times and the blessings that this case, it happened to be the occasion of Henry turning 1.

Harper Turns 3!

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