Monday, September 17, 2012

My Boys III

As far as little boys go, I think Henry is perfect.

Dare I say beautiful?

However you want to describe him, he's one happy little dude.

And a total joy.

He sure loves his Papa.

And so my crush continues on.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Beaverton Farmers' Market

I've mentioned before that I love to go to the farmers' market.  I think I was reluctant to head to the Beaverton market simply because I love having a reason to go downtown.  But a Saturday approached in which we had other things going on, Adam had just returned from being out of town for a week and I wanted something simple for us to do as a family.  So the Beaverton market it was.  

We planned accordingly (by which I mean that we didn't eat lunch before going so that we could munch our way through the market).  We started out with a bratwurst - not your expected farmers' market fare, I realize, but it was a local sausage maker selling natural casing brats.  Then we rounded out our palettes with a banana, coconut and Nutella crepe.  

Do I need to describe it's goodness any more after telling you the ingredients?  I think not.

I greatly underestimated the size of the market.  It was huge.

You know what else was huge?  The blackberries.

I have dreams about those strawberries.  I can't even eat the ones from the grocery store anymore.  They can't even compare in flavor, texture or even color.  

We bought a few pints.  But not enough.  As soon as we left the Unger Farms stand, I knew we hadn't bought enough, especially since we kept them within reach of Claire Bear.

One might look at this picture of Claire and think she has pained expression on her face.  She is only pained because she had to stop eating the strawberry long enough for me to take a picture.

Though we were mostly interested in eating berries, there was plenty of loveliness all around.

 The onions were bigger than softballs.

And this display literally made me want to eat a salad.

After our food purchases, we had some fun at the adjacent park.

Hey, even I made it into a few pictures!

Henry seemed as happy as can be.  But that's only because he didn't know what he was missing with those berries.  He'll get to join us next year.

We didn't only buy fruit at the farmers' market.  For the first time we bought meat.  After seeing some recent documentaries about food production in this country, Adam and I had discussed buying grass fed, local meat.  Well, call me lazy, but making a special grocery trip to the Whole Foods market with two kids just wasn't happening.  But there were a few stands at the market, so we bought some t-bone steaks and two lamb shanks.  

I must say that I was intimidated by the lamb.  You know about Adam's love of lamb.  And though we'd grilled some lamb chops at Easter, I'd never done shanks before.  Lamb shanks are Adam's go-to order at any restaurant that serves lamb shanks.  So there was some high expectations there.  And at an $18 price tag, I was worried about messing them up.  

But of course there is such a thing as the Internet, and so I found a recipe to cook them in the crock pot with Indian-inspired flavors (i.e. corriander, cardamum, yogurt).  It made quite the yummy sauce.

The meat literally fell off the bone with a few gentle pushes with a fork.  (sorry, this isn't a post meat-devouring photo.  Just to show that really, the meat was that tender).  Adam said they were the best lamb shanks he's ever had.  I'll gladly take that compliment.

Our farmers' market meat experience was a good one.  Definitely not economical for regular meat purchases,  for our family anyway.  If repeated, it would certainly be reserved for a special occasion.  But it was fun to experiment.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Harper Turns 3!

We sure love this little girl, and we were excited to wish her a happy birthday.  But, of course, this little sassafrass decided to have so...