Monday, November 29, 2010

The Itch

For quite a few years now, something funny happens right around October. I get an itch. It gets pretty serious, sometimes. No, it's not psoriasis or hives. It is an overwhelming desire to see my sisters. Why October? I'm not sure. It may be because our birthdays fall within 3 days of each other. It may just be because the summer rush is over, and so I want to go somewhere. Or maybe it's because my sister Erin has a long weekend off from school for the "Harvest Holiday" (a.k.a. hunting holiday), so I know I can visit for a few days without infringing on anyone's work schedule.

Regardless of the reason, this year had a special draw for me:

This little cherub. Sarah. She was born at the end of April, and I had yet to see her. And man, she did not disappoint! Now, I though Claire was the most mild mannered baby ever. And she was, don't get me wrong. But this little Sarah Ann was the smiliest, most contented, happy-on-her-own child I have ever seen. And weighing in at a pint-sized 12 lbs, she is probably the smallest 6 month old I've ever seen. (Well, since Claire weighed a mere pound and a half less than that at her 2 week checkup, I guess my experience is a little skewed.)

My beautiful sister and her girls.

Michael, pretending to be a different Micheal who did some crazy things with a baby....

The kids played so well together. This is the rare occasion where they were all playing with Sarah. I think Sarah was in heaven.

Since Claire loved Beth's cat, and the cat was usually running upstairs to hide from Claire, she got in a lot of stair practice. I got tired of chasing her up the stairs every two seconds, so by the end of the trip, I was actually letting Claire come down the stairs by herself. Don't palms were sweating and my heart racing and my stomach turning every time, but Beth assured me that her older kids had both fallen down the stairs, and they were fine, and that they had to learn somehow. Not so reassuring, but I let Claire do it on her own, nonetheless.

This is about how the visit went. Mikey playing with his trains, and Rori constantly on the go.

It's amazing what it takes to get one nice picture with everyone smiling. I am now realizing why picture time during Easter when I was a kid took so darn long. Bribery may or may not have played a part in this photo shoot.


Glenda said...

What a great post....the pictures of Claire and cousins are great. She must be delighted to be with them.

Beth said...

It sure was fun!

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