Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surprising Discovery

One of the amazing things about parenthood is the frequency in which you find yourself doing or planning things, not because they sound fun to you, the parent, but rather that you know they will be fun for your child. The child's sense of discovery-and excitement expressed during said discovery-is the enjoyable part for the parent.

Exhibit #1: Parent wants to document the fun adventure we are about to have, but that is not fun for the child, so parent gives up after one try.

Exhibit #2: Water room. To parent it is, well, wet. To child it is WATER!!! Opportunities for splishing, splashing, and general fun.

In this case study, it is hard to say who enjoyed it more. Child...

Or OTHER parent.

It's debatable.

Exhibit #3: Brushing teeth at home is not so fun. But brushing large teeth while kneeling on the stomach of an alligator...that is cool.

Exhibit #4: Playing with semi-transparent building blocks on a back-lit table. Meh. (Unless you are OTHER parent). But interesting for child.

It's a multi-sensory experience, really.

Exhibit #5: This one a parent can get. Making music.

Banging on a drum. No explanation needed.

Exhibit #6: Painting one's arms and face with greasy, hard-to wash off paint.

Well, she is beautiful...

Exhibit #7: Rubber-pellet digging pit feels funny on the feet, and on the backside. Parent focuses on the industrial rubber smell and the poky rubber pieces. Child focuses on pushing, piling, dumping, tossing, digging.

Okay, so maybe it was kind of fun for the parent, too.


Glenda said...

So fun....I think I could have had fun there, too.

Erin said...

She is just so cute - you can actually SEE her thinking!

Verification Word: Plarnny, as in the younger sister of Blarney (of Stone fame). She is much less easy to talk to and, therefore, much less likely to be kissed. As a result, she is bitter, making it even harder to picture kissing her. It's a vicious cycle and one that Blarney will never let her live down.

Heidi said...

I love this post Claudia! It is SO TRUE!!! Plus it made me laugh. :-)

Glenda said...

I just loved Erin's comments...that bitter is inevitable in those high strung Irish lasses.

Whitney Harris said...

you always go do the most fun stuff! Looks like you are keeping busy. Love the pig-tails.

laurel said...

So great! I just new that Adam would love the water and the blocks. You guys are a great family!

Fabric Choices said...

You guys are such great parents!!!

Fabric Choices said...

PS -- That's Julia, not fabric choices

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