Monday, October 18, 2010

A Rest from our Labors II

We returned to our new favorite camping spot for (what we hope will become) our annual Labor Day camping trip.

Adam's parents were so wonderful and drove out to meet us. Though they stayed in town, we had a great time exploring, eating, and hanging out together.

Claire felt right at home, putting an obliging tree to work.

This year was definitely more work. Claire was unwilling to sit in one spot for long, and the river was constantly calling to her.

We had a great lunch of tin-foil dinners,

but Claire wasn't interested in those, so she had to satisfy her hunger with goldfish crackers.
(Notice Claire's first head wound - she tripped on a rug at a friend's house and hit her head on the corner of a coffee table.)

But when Glenda pulled out the marshmallow and frosting-covered brownies, Claire suddenly became interested in what we were eating. Every time she saw Glenda for the rest of the weekend, she would ask, "Cake?"

Claire was often found sitting in the water pit. She loved picking up the rocks and finding leaves.

We had some COLD nights this trip. Our last night there, it was supposed to get into the low 30s/upper 20s, so Claire and I wimped out and spent the night in the hotel with Glenda and Bryant (Adam braved the cold). We were so appreciative to them for letting us crash there so that we could have a warm, well-rested evening!

Claire had a good time perfecting her water bottle drinking skills.

She sure loved spending so much time with her Oma and Opa Belnap!


Glenda said...

The weekend was the perfect close to a great summer! Thanks.

laurel said...

Glenda told me what a wonderful time they had. It was so nice to put pictures to what I had heard about.

I love brownies too!!! Everything is so cute when Claire does it!

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