Thursday, June 10, 2010


Adam, Claire and I had a great time visiting the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And now we all need a vacation from being on vacation. We had a week and a half of a lot of driving, walking around, having a great time with family, eating a lot, and not as much sleep as we normally get. It's good to be home. And yet I can't believe that vacation is already over. We're still reeling over all of the things we got to do.

Our first stop, after visiting with my grandmother and my aunt and uncle, was Plymouth. I love Plymouth. Beautiful location, amazing seafood, and historical sites and homes make it one of my favorite places.
Claire taking in the sights:

Thanks to a recommendation from my uncle, we ate at Woods, a restaurant right off of the pier. The seafood was amazing.

Erin and I couldn't resist this sign!

Claire and her "Bapa" checking out the menu:

I couldn't believe the price of the lobster: Adam and I shared a 2 lobster dinner for (wait for it...) $20. I think I died and went to shellfish heaven. No wait...the lobster died and went to shellfish heaven so I could have that amazing meal!

Here's the before:

And after:

The calamari was wicked good (as the locals would say).

After eating, we walked down to the pier, and then on to Plymouth Rock. In case you don't remember your history, the Pilgrim's landed in Plymouth in 1620 (which is the date stamped on the rock).

Claire enjoyed the pier:

Plymouth Rock:


Erin said...

Shellfish heaven....hahahahahahahah!

Glenda said...

Wicked Cheap Twins! Hilarious...I am so glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Beth said...

I love the new pictures. Wow Claire really grew a ton more hair.

laurel said...

Wicked Cheap Twins....funny! Loved the lobster thing too!

Fabric Choices said...

You may enjoy reading, "Mayflower."

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