Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pow, Pow, Power Drill! Power Drill!

After Christmas, I became a full grown man. What changed? I became the proud owner of my first power tool, a Black and Decker Smart Select Power Drill.

I realized after moving all our stuff out that our storage room had base-boards. Knowing this would throw my design off near a full inch and having already purchased the wood and had it cut (a nice little free service offered by Home Depot), I took measurements of the baseboard and then started the cuts with a hand saw. The work was intolerably slow, so I went and bought my second power tool, a recipricating saw. Though the saw worked great on the plywood shelves, to which the hand saw was completely ineffective, the saw bit wasn't long enough to be effective on the base-board notch cuts on the 2x4s. So I used the hand saw to cut against the grain, then I sawed a notch with the grain and used my camping hatchet and mallet to finish the notch. The old tools worked pretty well.

Claire watched me with great curisoity why I would teeter on a chair to saw the the notches in the 2x4s that were as tall as me.

Once I had everything cut, I screwed it in place. A task which was rather difficult as I had to assemble the shelves in the tiny closet.

It took longer than I expected but I finished. And all was completed fairly close to my design. The first shelf height was designed to be high enough for the dresser and the folding table:

The one change to my design was I decided against adding two more 2x4s to this small, side shelf, feeling side supports and an improvised attachement to the adjoining shelf were sufficient.

Here's the finished product:

Before the stuff was stacked on the ground like this.:

Now it all has a place:

Because I used a the hand saw and hatchet along with my power tools, I gained a sincere appreciation for those who worked before the invention of power tools. A real-life example of factors of production at work. Capital improves the productivity of labor.


Erin H. said...

A few comments:

-Congratulations on your manhood, Adam.
-I love a good nook!
-The toolbox on top of the air conditioner is a nice touch.
-How the heck are you supposed to get that dresser out of there?
-I have a few ideas on how you can use those suitcases more. You could start by filling them up with clothing and then taking them with you while you come to visit me. OR take your wife on a cool European vacation.

Glenda said...

Very nice work Adam. I love that you have so much outdoorsy stuff.

Rachel said...

Crew is so proud of you Adam.

Claudia, it would be great if you could just e-mail the pics. Thanks so much!

Rachel said...

Whitney Harris said...

Your right, you do look more like a man there...j/k. Glad you got your first power tool. Now how bout you come here next and fix something for me.

hooli said...

By all means... create storage that will last into the next millennia.

laurel said...

Great!!!! Very cool.

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