Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend in Boise

We had quite the adventure a few weekends ago when we met up with Adam's parents and brother in Boise. Not only were we trekking out to visit with family, but we considered this a test run for the drive to Idaho Falls at Christmas. We turned Claire's car seat around for the first time, hoping that it would ease the 7 hour ride in the car for her. It started out well.

But soon, boredom set in, and since there was so much to see, sleep was elusive.

Other than some rain when we first left Portland, we had a pretty smooth drive. We even enjoyed sun along the Columbia River Gorge. It was looking to be an easy trip...until we hit the Blue Mountain region of eastern Oregon. There was snow and it was slick. Just when we thought the worst was over, we hit a second ridge, and then came to a complete stop. Three and a half hours, way too many Chips Ahoy cookies, and many worried phone calls from Adam's mom later, we were on the road again. Claire was a champ through it all. At least she was wearing a diaper....

But we made it safe and sound, albeit late, to Boise. We enjoyed some good food, visited a museum, and just had fun walking around. Claire loved visiting with her uncle Trent and her Grandma and Grandpa Belnap!

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laurel said...

I hate travel conditions like that. They scare me. I can just imagine how nervous Glenda was.

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