Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two men and their little ladies

We were so happy to visit for a few hours with Devin and Rachel a few weeks ago. We spent a few fun hours downtown, catching some lunch and checking out some of the shops. We ended the quick visit with a stop on the waterfront. It was so cute to see the guys holding their daughters, vs. the sting-ping games and running into each other with exercise balls that are sometimes the norm with these Belnap brothers.

We loved meeting sweet little miss Finley!

Claire enjoyed chatting with her Uncle Devin.

Do you remember how you hated it as a kid when your parents would strongly encourage (dare I say force?) you to hug and/or kiss a relative that you had never met before (or maybe even ones that you HAD met before--but that's a different discussion altogether...)? Well, I have officially become one of those parents. At least Claire liked it. I don't think Finley minded too much either.

Thanks for visiting with us!


Erin H. said...

Cute! Did you try to coordinate their colors?

laurel said...

Sweet cousins!

Glenda said...

This warms my know the saying...the mark of good parenting is that your children like each other when they are adults...and that goes for the grandkids, too!

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