Friday, July 10, 2009

Door County

One of my favorite places to visit is Door County--the shops, the beaches, and the beautiful locations. I took Adam to Door County about two weeks after our first date, and it was so fun to be there with him again 3 years later!

We started the day off at Cave Point. Though it was chilly with the wind coming off of Lake Michigan, it was such a beautiful day.

Here's Claire sporting her sun hat

It's fun to climb down the rocks and get right on the water.

The boys decided that they needed to show their rock climbing skills. The rest of us just waited for someone to fall in the water.

After playing on the rocks it was time to eat dinner, so we headed over to Fish Creek for a fish boil--steaks of whitefish right from Lake Michigan boiled in a big kettle over an open fire with potatoes and onions. And of course, it's served with Door County cherry pie for dessert. Mmmm...

Here are the kettles going (and I love the beautiful cliffs in the background!)

At the very end, kerosene is thrown on to the fire. The heat increase causes the water to boil over, thus getting rid of all of the oils on top of the water. It's a pretty dramatic way to let everyone know that dinner is ready!

After dinner, we checked out some of the nearby shops. The hat shop was particularly fun!

And to end the day, we met up with some friends in Egg Harbor and watched the fireworks show over the water. It was pretty chilly, but we bundled up. Claire enjoyed her first experience with fireworks!


Becky said...

what a fun trip!! I miss the Hensels!! :) Claire is a cutie!!! So, we're going to Door County in August....where are places we need to go?

Meg said...

I like Adam's hat the best.

Erin H. said...

That hat store was the highlight of the evening. I'm so glad we walked around the shops, and that the guys participated too.

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