Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Claire Bear up to?

For her 4 month doctor appointment, Claire weighed in at 16 lb 8 oz (95%), 26 1/2 in. long (99%), so she's definitely a big girl. But very proportionate. She handled her shots like a champ--it was a lot less traumatic than last time.

We've had moments of crankiness and another cold, but otherwise, Claire is a joy. We just love her so much!

Everything goes into her mouth. We're working on integrating a pacifier, and it's funny when she has both the pacifier and her fingers in her mouth at the same time.

She also likes looking in the mirror. She makes sounds that she doesn't make at any other time when she's looking in the mirror.

She's working on rolling over

...but she hasn't quite gotten there yet.

She also loves to sit up. I think it makes her feel grown up.

We're still having fun and loving every moment of being parents! And who wouldn't with a face like this?


Erin said...

Who wouldn't love a face like that,always smiling at you! But maybe she's having trouble rolling over because her legs weigh so much...

Glenda said...

Her smile makes my heart leap!
How cute...and I love that she is a fasionista! What a doll...can't wait to see her.
Erin, how could you say such things! Thunder thighs are a mark of a smart woman.

Beth said...

I love the new pictures. I love her Easter dress. Too bad we aren't closer. Rori could show her how to do lots of fun things.

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